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Digital Marketing Strategy

"It is more important to do what is strategically right than what is immediately profitable". Philip Kotler

The better you support your Communication Plan on a winning strategy, the better are the odds of overcoming your goals. The amazing thing about strategy is that it can help you steer your everyday actions, giving measurable responses to the Whys, Hows, When and for Whom of your business.


First thing first – the digital matury assessment.

In the digital maturity diagnosis we will answer the following questions:

With market and context explored, we proceed to the co-definition of quantifiable goals. If you want something but you can not measure it, sorry but that is not a goal. The good news is that, actualy, everything can be measured, that is, transformed into a KPI's. Some examples of goals in the digital world:

Having defined your goals, we arrive at a more enthusiastic, the strategic decisions making:


To finish this phase, we define the marketing-mix policies of your business and the respective Integrated Marketing and Communication Plan (online + offline). For each of the strategic objectives defined, depending on the strategic options, we will design and schedule the marketing actions (digital and traditional). We support you all the way: from the drawing up to the implementation of the Plan.


We conduct marketing audits on specific products / services, campaigns or online tools. Some examples of this service are:


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Tânia Ferreira
Manager Gato Escaldado
A kiesing é uma parceira insubstituível na área do marketing digital,com um profundo conhecimento  e entrega nas áreas em que actua, o que faz toda a diferença no sucesso dos projectos. Destaco o facto de ser uma empresa onde o profissionalismo, visão, rigor e acompanhamento minucioso ao cliente andam de mãos dadas. A kiesing cumpre o que promete! Recomendo!
Edilson Soares
Owner & Art Director no Unique Hair&Body Clinic

A kiesing ajudou-nos a colocar as nossas campanhas de vendas online de Laser Alexandrite no topo das páginas Google. 
Agora, quem procura a excelência da depilação laser em Lisboa, encontra logo a marca Unique!

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